This is my blog: Star Team participants share their experiences at the world’s top universities
15 July 2023

The students have learned the basics of running social media pages to share insights into their lives and studies abroad.

From July 3 to July 14, participants of the inaugural season of the Star Team project attended a series of online workshops on managing social media pages. They will be sharing their experiences of getting into top-tier universities, life on campus, and other exciting events on their personal blogs. Their stories will serve as inspiration for students worldwide to apply to overseas universities such as UC Berkeley, New York University, Boston University, University of British Columbia, and others.

Leading SMM experts and marketers shared advice on how to produce engaging social media content. For instance, Sergei Stukalov, the owner of Reaktiv Media agency, shared his secrets about building a personal brand and its importance.

However, creating a page is just the beginning. Marketing gurus Irina Khrapchenkova and Sasha Lavrova shared insights on how to effectively run a blog, come up with post topics, and make high-quality photos and videos. Saikal Toktogulova explained how to stay relevant and keep up with SMM trends.

Follow the personal pages of Star Team members to get a glimpse into their lives on foreign university campuses:

The team members also run a shared blog where they discuss their experiences studying at overseas universities: Starteamstudents.