Star Team Updates its Admission Program to Top International Universities
15 October 2023

Star Team is a non-profit initiative aimed at preparing talented students for admission to the world’s leading universities. The primary objective of the project is to nurture a new generation of enlightened modern leaders, committed to making a positive impact on the world and contributing to the development of their homeland, regardless of their future place of residence or work.

On October 20, Star Team starts a new season. Not only gifted school students but also those aspiring for a master’s degree can apply to overseas universities. The updated website will feature grants and scholarships for applicants, making it even easier to get into the world’s top universities.

Star Team will provide free assistance to everyone: find an appropriate grant, prepare for IELTS and SAT exams, write a motivational essay, and much more.

What Will Be Featured on the Updated Website

A roadmap will help formulate a full understanding of the admission process, from university selection to a detailed preparation plan.

Our database of grants and scholarships will aid in choosing the right educational option for you and preparing your admission documents.

Webinars and workshops with strategists are free to attend twice a week, and our experts will prepare you for the IELTS and SAT exams.

Moreover, our specialists will review your applications to improve your chances of getting into the world’s best universities.

About the Program

Star Team is sponsored by the personal funds of inDrive founder Arsen Tomsky. Those wishing to get an international education must demonstrate strong motivation and a willingness to grow. Leadership skills and academic achievements can turn you into true professionals.

The first selection of 10 project participants was conducted in 2019 from among the students of Yakutsk’s best schools. These graduates are currently studying at the world’s top universities.

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