Star Team helps you get into world’s top universities

Star Team supports ambitious schoolchildren and students on the path to their dreams. Our program organizes a step-by-step action plan for admission to foreign universities. The program includes: finding suitable grants and scholarships for financial support, organizing webinars with experts on education abroad, communicating with like-minded people, and providing free expert advice.

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About the program

In 2020, we launched Star Team, a non-profit pilot program, for which we selected a group of high school students from Yakutia and individually prepared them to enter the best universities abroad.

Today, 11 graduates of this program are studying at top universities in the United States and Canada.

This year we are expanding the program and giving everyone who has an ambitious goal to study abroad the opportunity to participate.

How we help

We provide free support and guidance to participants throughout the application process.

and scholarships
and workshops
with experts
with like-minded
Sign up for the program

By registering on this site, you’ll gain access to a personal account with an organized action plan, invitations to informative webinars, free expert assistance, and much more.

Why is this important to us

The success of the pilot program shows that capable and motivated schoolchildren from remote regions can enter the best universities in the world.

This offers great opportunities and prospects to make a significant contribution to their homeland and the world, and we believe that our participants will support the next generation and inspire by example.

I am confident that talented and trained leaders, focused on positive changes in their communities and on a global scale, will help address social and environmental challenges. Star Team is dedicated to identifying and helping such leaders, with an emphasis on underrepresented communities. This is a long-term commitment, and I believe it will yield tremendous positive results. Best of luck to the team!
Arsen Tomskii
Star Team Founder
Our participants say
Getting into a foreign university demands a lot of emotional strength and hard work. This experience has taught me the importance of setting priorities. Right now, I’m very excited and eagerly waiting for my studies to start. I don’t want to speculate about my future. I’ll gain experience first and then decide on my future career.
Maria Poltorykhina
Boston University
Star Team has given me an incredible opportunity, and I hope to return the favor and also contribute to Yakutia’s economy in the future. I hope that those who are determined to transform our republic will try to get into the world’s best universities and use their abilities and knowledge for the betterment of our homeland.
Alina Buskarova
New York University
I have big plans for the future. I want to improve my home area and make the world a better place. I also plant to explore NLP’s potential. But my immediate goal is to connect with some cool folks in Berkeley and kickstart startups in Silicon Valley.
Sardaana Eginova
University of California, Berkeley
When I received my first offers, I was overjoyed. It’s hard to describe the feeling you get when you realize that your efforts have been rewarded and you’ve been acknowledged as a worthy candidate for such high-level universities.
Aina Romanova
Parsons School of Design, The New School
The university will give me the necessary connections and knowledge in programming, which I plan to use to start a business and help make my home republic better. Without a program like Star Team, I wouldn’t have dared to dream about applying to such prestigious universities.
Vladislav Pavlovsky
Purdue University
Star Team is an extraordinary initiative! It’s truly a one-in-a-million opportunity that has allowed me to tap into my potential on a global scale. It’s indeed possible for a teenager from Yakutia to get into top-tier universities. In the future, I want to found a company that will help to improve my homeland, the Sakha Republic.
Nikolai Petukhov
University of California, Berkeley
Star Team has instilled in me a newfound confidence in my abilities. As one of the project consultants put it, «I have faith that the world will hear about you, and we’ll meet again in our wonderful republic of the future». I, too, want to believe this.
Valeria Nazarova
University of California, Berkeley
Being part of the program has become an integral part of my life. Today, I can’t imagine who I would have been had I not taken that leap of faith. Now I understand that this success isn’t mere luck but the result of relentless self-improvement with Star Team’s support.
Inna Zakharova
Georgia Institute of Technology
Star Team’s mission is to groom us into professionals who can contribute to the development of our homeland. I am confident that I can make such a contribution. In the future, I want to speed up Yakutia’s transition to a new technological paradigm and collaborate closely with local schools and community organizations.
Maris Makarov
The University of Britsh Columbia
I had considered studying abroad from a young age, but almost no one, including myself, believed it could become a reality. The Star Team project gave me hope and motivation.
Elizaveta Matveeva
University of California, Los Angeles
The university admission process has been a journey of self-discovery and re-evaluation. It was crucial for me to remember why I was doing all that and what ultimate goal I wanted to achieve.
Kerekuo Borisova
University of California, San Diego
Pledge of the program participants
First season: 2021


Second season: 2022


First season: 2022