The Third Season of Star Team Has Started! A Brief Recap of the First Meeting
20 October 2023

We’ve concluded our first online meeting with prospective students for overseas universities. We’re thrilled to have had over 420 participants!

Anastasia Ammosova, the Program Manager, and Zarina Zhumabek, an expert in foreign education, discussed the key updates to the program:

— The program’s objectives. Star Team aims to motivate a new breed of leaders eager to positively impact their homeland and the world. We need to respond intellectually to major global challenges.

 — Star Team’s primary focus is on sectors and specializations where successful professionals can positively influence millions of others. These include IT, entrepreneurship, infrastructure, science, and arts.

— Open to all. This Star Team season is unique in that we will help everyone interested. Not just school students, but also undergraduates, specialists, and postgraduates. We don’t have any age limits.

— Scholarship database. Our website will regularly update a list of grants and scholarships from foreign universities that Yakutians can apply for. This database will help you navigate your education or career, find a suitable grant, or learn about the student requirements set by different countries.

— Expert assistance. Applying to foreign universities can be hard but it is achievable. Our experts will help you write motivational essays, prepare documents, and inform you about all the potential hurdles of admission.

— Webinars and workshops. We’ll have weekly meetings with a strategist to delve into more specific topics. Additionally, we’ll meet with IELTS and SAT specialists who will prepare you for the exams.

If you were unable to attend the meeting or wish to revisit the information, the recording of it is available below.
 Thank you for choosing us! We’re committed to helping you get admitted to top-tier universities. Star Team’s third season has officially begun!