Arsen Tomsky meets Star Team members in Berkeley
26 September 2023

Arsen Tomsky, the founder of inDrive and the initiator of the Star Team project, met with students from Yakutia who are studying at the University of California, Berkeley. They all come from humble backgrounds.

Sardaana Eginova is pursuing data science, Nikolai Petukhov aspires to be a professional in the cinema and media industry, and Lera Nazarova has opted for international relations. The youngsters have put in a great deal of effort to study at one of the world’s top universities on the scenic west coast of the USA.

''It’s delightful to see them on this beautiful, lush, green campus situated in an excellent location in terms of quality of life and climate. They have the ocean and surfing nearby, as well as top-notch ski resorts, hiking and running trails, and opportunities for other sports. San Francisco, with its rich cultural life and cuisines from all over the world, is just twenty minutes away, '' writes Arsen Tomsky.

A total of 11 graduates from Yakutia have been admitted to top global universities through the Star Team program. The project’s founder believes that, in 10–20 years, this initiative will cultivate a new generation of mindful leaders dedicated to making life in their homeland better and making significant positive impacts on society.

We hope the students successfully complete their education and emerge as true experts in their respective fields!