Star Team members complete training for adaptation at overseas universities
30 June 2023

The youngsters will find it easier to immerse themselves in student life in a foreign country.

Senior students from Yakutia have successfully gained admission into prestigious global universities. 

Before departing abroad, the children took part in activities aimed at supporting them and helping them adapt to the new environment. Business coach Irina Ulyanova from Moscow conducted offline training sessions on June 27–29. This seasoned professional has previously developed training systems and held training sessions at companies such as Alfa Bank, Sberbank, InDrive, Otkritie Bank, MTS, Beeline, MGTS, Miele, and Mars.

Throughout their studies, the young Yakutians will need not only their remarkable intellect but also the ability to swiftly adjust to a new linguistic setting and entirely new cultural and behavioral norms.

Irina Ulyanova’s training sessions focused on self-regulation and self-presentation, enhancing speech clarity, and structuring public speeches. This is crucial for enabling the youngsters to express their thoughts compellingly and captivate their audience’s minds and hearts with their speech.

Additionally, they learned how to form new friendships in unfamiliar settings and establish healthy social relationships. These skills will assist the students in immediately integrating into student life, creating networking opportunities, and resolving potential conflicts while preserving their reputation and emotional well-being.