Applying for a Student Visa to UAE

Student visa to UAE is issued for 1 year with the possibility of extension. Students with high academic performance can count on a long-term 5-year visa.

Documents need to be notarized and translated into English or Arabic upon request.

List of documents
  1. Internal passport and its copy;
  2. Passport photograph;
  3. Invitation/offer letter from an educational institution in the UAE;
  4. Certificate from the last place of study;
  5. Diploma of education received;
  6. Bank statements confirming availability of funds for stay in UAE;
  7. Rental agreement or proof of accommodation in a student hostel;
  8. Copy of tuition receipt for the current academic year or proof of scholarship or grant, if applicable;
  9. Copy of visa fee receipt;
  10. Medical certificate (including tests for HIV, leprosy, hepatitis, tuberculosis, syphilis). The medical examination can be done in the UAE.

Document requirements may vary by emirate or university. Please check before applying.

Russian diploma validation services are available on the UAE Ministry of Education website.

Timing and cost

The processing time for a student visa is up to 20 days.

Online visa application is done in the official UAE portals:

GDRFA — General Directorate of Residents and Foreigners Affairs. A mobile application is available.

eChannels — Federal Directorate of Identity and Nationality. A mobile application is available.

Where else you can get a visa.
The cost of a student visa also depends on the emirate or university and can cost up to AED 3,000 ($820). A deposit may also be required.

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