Student visa to Italy

The document must be submitted to the diplomatic and consular representation with an official translation into Italian. For a long-term visa, personal presence is mandatory.

List of documents
  1. A valid passport;
  2. If available, copies of previous Schengen visas for the last 3 years;
  3. Application form;
  4. 2 recent 3,5 x 4.5 cm photographs (one of which must be authenticated by the Italian consular authorities);
  5. Certificate of completion of 12 years of secondary education or a certificate that fully replaces it;
  6. Confirmation of admission/notification of enrolment issued by the university;
  7. Original application form as per Form A / Form A (English version) in duplicate;
  8. Documents confirming the availability of financial resources. These resources are estimated at 457.99 euros per month for each month of the academic year. The availability of these funds in Italy must be confirmed by personal or parental financial guarantees;
    — If the trip is paid by a sponsor or scholarship, a notarized letter of sponsorship, documents proving the availability of the scholarship must be provided;
  9. Confirmation of the amount of money needed to return to your country, which can also be confirmed by presenting your return ticket;
  10. Medical insurance;
  11. Documents indicating where the student will be staying. For example, rental housing and a certificate for a room in a student residence.

Up-to-date information on the Italian Embassy’s website.