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The region of Yakutia is currently facing two enormous challenges:
The first
— is the potential disappearance of the lynchpins of the local economy: the oil and diamond industries. Both will diminish shortly as the world starts moving towards new energy types and artificial diamond technologies.
The second
— is global warming: it's expected to have a catastrophic impact on life in Yakutia, with forest fires, damaged ecosystems, and thawing permafrost, which causes buildings to collapse and hundreds of thousands of people to lose their homes.
Therefore, we must develop substantial responses and effective solutions as we face these challenges. We are sure that intellectual development is the future. We are starting the 'Star Team' program to help prepare the most intelligent and talented daughters and sons of Yakutia for tomorrow. We'll be asking them to help their region when it faces these and other challenges and to help develop Yakutia and its people.
We have selected twenty six teenage students who will start an online preparation training with the support of experienced college advisors from different countries. The goal is for them to be accepted into the world's top universities in 2023!

We expect the children will be fully prepared to enter such legendary universities as Harvard, Oxford, Stanford, Princeton, Yale, the Sorbonne, and others. We will achieve this by helping them grow as people, master foreign languages, deepen their knowledge, participate in sports, and volunteer to help those in need.

The expenses will be covered by grants from the Sinet Spark Foundation.
Star Team is our program
Giving allows you to go through life like riding a bicycle on the smoothest asphalt roads. If you're always taking, you'll end up in the sand. Harmful actions, deception, and betrayal always breed enemies, revenge, and fierce counterattacks. Kindness, good deeds, hard work, and trust make you happier as an individual and often bring you additional benefits.

Diligence and persistence will help you to create a solid foundation. Keeping promises, caring for others, and providing high-quality services will lead to gratitude and long-term loyalty. The desire to continuously grow and learn will lead to high professionalism. Share consciously and conscientiously, without expecting anything in return except some personal happiness, and be ready to accept gratitude and kindness from others as a response.
Founder of the Star Team program
List of Star Team Students
1 season
2 season
I solemnly vow to always develop myself and develop the world.
I vow to do what is truly important and interesting to me.
I vow never to bring the evil to people.
I swear that wherever I am, whatever I do, I will do my best to develop my homeland — the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).
And may I be happy, fulfilling this oath.
The oath of participation in the first season
The oath of participation in the second season
About Yakutia
The Sakha Republic (Yakutia) is located in northeastern Siberia, in deepest Russia.

Millions of years ago, this land was covered by the warm waters of a tropical ocean and was filled with trilobites and plesiosaurs. Later, herds of mammoths and woolly rhinoceros came to beat trails across its vast plains.

All we have left of those times today are the fossilized remains often found in the permafrost — the colossal layer of ice and soil beneath the surface of the ground which reaches, in some places, a depth of 5,000 feet.

This was the land where our people settled many centuries ago - the Sakha people, or the Yakuts (Russian).

According to research, our ancestors came from one of the Turkic steppe groups who had settled on the east shore of Lake Baikal by the early Middle Ages.

They were later forced to migrate north, mostly to escape hostile Mongolian tribes; their choice was to either head north or lose their lives and liberties.

Why else would horse riders from the southern steppes move to a land where the winter lasts eight months and the temperatures drop below -60˚C (-80˚F)?

Yakutia is the coldest inhabited place in the world. It isn't easy to survive in these conditions, but our ancestors handled it.

Perhaps this harsh landscape gave rise to some of the distinguishing qualities of the Sakha people: ingenuity, perseverance, trading skills, and excellence in science and the visual arts.
*The Star Team Program does not provide educational services, including continuing or professional education services.

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