SAT Writing and language test preparation

This section contains 4 passages of 11 multiple-choice questions. This section tests grammar and English language skills. In addition to the texts, the section may contain various charts and graphs.

Types of questions

English language rules

These questions focus on the grammar of the language. You will need to identify stylistic, punctuation and spelling errors and correct them.

Text organization

You need to determine how well the text is presented. Whether the introduction, conclusion, and transitions between sentences are used effectively.

Writing and language test tips

Tighten up your grammar

This may seem like the most obvious advice. But you must remember that English grammar is very different from Russian. You should know where to put commas and colons in English, and how to build complex sentences.

Short answers are often correct

As students have noticed, short answers in language and writing tests are often correct. But this is not a firm rule that should be obeyed. It simply helps to discard long answers that are designed to confuse the student.

Save the long questions for last

Try to tackle the short questions first. This will help you better prepare for the longer questions, as they may require more detailed analysis of the text.