How to apply

Sending an application to a university is a key step in the admissions process that requires preparation.

Step 1: Selecting a university and program

The first step is to choose a university and program that fits your educational and career goals. Explore the various options, considering location, accreditation, faculty, and available majors.

Step 2: Documents Preparation

Each university sets its own document requirements, but they generally include:

  • Academic documents: high school certificate, SAT, IELTS or TOEFL certificates, Foundation certificate;
  • Letters of recommendation from teachers or employers;
  • Motivational essay;
  • Portfolio or resume.
Step 3: Online Application

Create an account on the university website, select a program and complete the online application. Make sure you enter all data correctly, check the information carefully before submitting. Please note that your full name in the documents and in the completed application form must match. For example, the surname «Vasiliev» in transcription may be spelled differently: Vasiliev, Vasilev, Vasilyev.

For American universities, the online application can be submitted through the Common App service.

About Common App

Step 3.5: Application Fee

Some universities charge an application fee. Make sure you pay the fee if it is applicable to your chosen university.

Step 4: Submit Documents

Upload scans or copies of all required documents to the university website or application portal. Be sure to follow the specified file format and size requirements. For example, photos should be in JPEG format and letters should be in PDF format. Make sure you follow the instructions on the institution’s website.

Step 5: Waiting for a response

After submitting your application and documents, the only thing left to do is to wait for a response from the university. Watch for deadlines and requirements to check the status of your application.

Step 6: Interview

Some colleges may interview applicants. You may be asked about your goals, motivation, and academic background.

Step 7: Accepting the offer

If you have done everything correctly and your details meet all the requirements, the university will send a letter asking you to accept the offer of admission.