Grants and scholarships from foreign universities

Universities, organizations and governments offer a variety of grant and scholarship programs to support talented students. These programs have different objectives and eligibility criteria and allow you to receive education completely free of charge or with substantial financial assistance, depending on the conditions.


The length of the scholarship varies by institution and level of support. Some scholarships cover the full cost of tuition and living expenses at the institution.

There is a greater chance of receiving the desired scholarship for those students who:

  • have graduated from high school with excellent academic records;
  • have research or projects in their field of study;
  • plan to continue working in the field;
  • are fluent in a foreign language and can clearly articulate their knowledge and thoughts.

For such students, there are several types of grants and scholarships.

Merit-based scholarships

These programs are awarded on the basis of student academic achievement or standardized test scores. They may cover some or all of the costs of tuition and student life.

Need-based scholarships

These programs are geared toward students with financial need. They can cover tuition, living expenses, and other costs depending on the level of financial need.

Research and scholarship grants

These programs are designed for students interested in scientific research, participation in research projects, and innovation development. They can fund research papers, participation in conferences and publications.

Career-specific scholarships

Some scholarships and grants support specific fields of study (arts, sports, engineering) that the institution is interested in developing.


This type of scholarship is interpreted differently in different countries. In most cases, it is a measure of financial support that does not have to be repaid. At the same time, the student must participate in the life of the university: help the department, volunteer, participate in research.

International exchange programs

Some programs are designed to create international connections and share cultural experiences. They provide students with the opportunity to study in another country and experience a new culture.

Leadership programs

These programs focus on developing leadership skills and qualities. They may include leadership training, participation in community projects, and mentoring.

Athletic Scholarships

Some universities offer scholarships to athletes who can combine their studies with athletic competition. The student may not be successful academically, but demonstrate excellent athletic ability.

Diversity scholarships, Student-specific scholarships

These programs aim to support students from different cultural, national and social groups. They contribute to the diversity of the student body and promote intercultural understanding.

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