Motivational essay review

The motivation essay review process by an independent expert can take up to 20 days, as each essay is carefully analyzed according to high quality standards. We treat each submitted application and essay with respect.

Once the review is complete, you will receive a letter with the expert’s report to the email address you provided. The report will include the results of the evaluation of your work and, if necessary, recommendations for improvement.

The independent expert appointed for the review will carry out a detailed assessment of your work, focusing on the following aspects.


The essay should be written in English and submitted in PDF format. Adhere to standard fonts and sizes: Times New Roman or Arial, font size 12, one and a half spacing.

Language competence

The expert will check your English language skills, grammar, spelling and sentence structure. Grammatical and lexical errors can affect the quality of your essay.

Logic and relevance

The essay should clearly and completely address the topic of why you want to apply to a particular university. The examiner will check that your essay is consistent with your stated motivation, how you argue it, and how you use examples. The essay should have a clear structure and a logical sequence of ideas.

How to write a good motivational essay


Your motivational essay must be original and present your own point of view. Do not plagiarize or copy text from other sources!

Here are examples of well-written essays: