Every year in September, a number of talented and motivated children of grades 10 from schools in Yakutia will be selected to get the opportunity to receive the best education in the world.
To participate in the program, you need to do the following:
Fill out the form with the student's information and parents' contacts
The form will be available during enrollment in September 2022
Upload a scan of your academic transcripts for the last 3 years
Provide the information about academic achievements, quizzes, social activities and sports success
Fill out an application
Step 1
Full name
Place of residence (city, town, village)
Full name of the school
Class name with profile, if available
Your contact phone
Your e-mail address
Parent(s) contact number
Email of the parent(s)
Scan of your academic transcripts (quarterly and annual school grades) for 2020-2022
Achievements in studies and olympiads, social activity and sports success
By sending your application you agree to the processing of your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
Step 2
In order to successfully apply, you must take the following tests
AS Mathematics and AS English Writing
Follow the link and fill in the information, check the boxes for AS Mathematics and AS English Writing, and press START
We are waiting for you in Star Team!
*The Star Team Program does not provide educational services, including continuing or professional education services.

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