The world around is rapidly changing, but investing in oneself will always be of a great value

"Everything remained the same, the program is on schedule," Arsen Tomsky confirmed. 

It is important to work with the new reality, that is why we could not avoid some changes. Firstly, we added universities to the list to make it 53, which has such universities of Russia as Higher School of Economics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and Bauman Moscow State Technical University. Unfortunately, you cannot pass TOEFL on the territory of Russia for now, but there is a possibility to pass it in different countries such as Kazakhstan, Armenia, Turkey and others. It is possible to pass IELTS online if one had already signed up and made a payment. If the finalists have to pass an exam in another country, Sinet Spark will provide financial support for the participants. Besides that we have decided to provide grants not only for the education, but also for the tickets and accomodation. 

All selected students of 9th grade will continue taking part in the program next year. 
There are no changes in the selection among 10th grade students, it will be done in 2 stages.
During the first stage the criteria for the selection will be a confident ability to speak English, excellent marks at school, participation in extracurricular activities and the most important is a will to contribute to the development of the world and Yakutia. During the second stage there will be an interview with the examiners in English. 

For the 14 finalists (7 from among the participants of year 2019, and 7 from among the participants of year 2021) three individual consultations will be held by our experts on how to be prepared for the submission to the chosen universities which are from the Star Team list. Great support will be provided in case of traveling to different places for passing the language exams, as well as during visa processing.  

Arsen Tomsky: “I will provide around 1 million dollars in the form of grants to this project in the season 2022-2023. Every year the sum will grow for the new flow of participants, and by 2026 it will be 4-6 million dollars a year. I believe that the most important thing is to find and support talented students, help them realize their potential and make a great contribution to the development of the world. After graduation they can live wherever they want, total freedom, but the only thing we ask them to do is to give an oath to help Yakutia as much as they can!”