Star Team News

Sinet Spark announces the new Star Team program

New participants from schools of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) enrolled in the first season of Star Team program.
In total, we received 136 applications for the program and appointed 116 children from them: 40 in 9th and 76 in 10th grade.
The program includes weekly online master classes by the experts and students of the universities on admission to the top world universities from September 18 to December 25, 2021. Our speakers will talk about their admission experience and the peculiarities of studying and living abroad. 

The webinars will include topics such as where to go for higher education abroad (including the information on the international university ratings), how to choose a university, general requirements for all universities, academic and language training, preparation stages, timelines, and application process. Experts will discuss higher education and the advantages of the education system in the USA, Great Britain, Canada, and other countries, bring up a list of top universities, and consult on career prospects.
We will answer the participants' questions and give the most up-to-date information about admission changes because of COVID.

A series of practical workshops, held from January to May 2022:

1. Exploring different universities and their choice. How to choose universities for yourself according to the principle of "dream university", "target university", "safe choice" ("reach", "target', "safety");
2. Admission strategy for studying in the USA,
all preparation components, required documents, submission deadlines, Common App system;
3. Admission strategy for studying in the UK,
all preparation components, required documents, submission deadlines, UCAS system, separate submission to Oxbridge;
4. Admission strategy for studying in Canada,
all components of preparation, necessary documents, deadlines for submission, and the system of submission of documents to Canadian universities;
5. International Exams (IELTS, TOEFL, SAT/ACT),
recent changes, exam content, and preparation structure;
6. Extracurricular portfolio,
the importance of academic merit and extracurricular activities (with examples);
7. How to write a motivation letter.
8. How to prepare for and pass the interview.
9. Integrity of the application process.

The program of webinars and workshops will familiarize the participants with the necessary information and help them enroll in top universities.