Enroll in Harvard, Sorbonne and Oxford: Star Team starts preparing capable and motivated high school students from Yakutia to enroll in the world's top universities

Star Team is a non-profit educational project of Sinet Spark, aimed at preparation of the capable school students of Yakutia to enroll in the world’s top universities. The main goal of the program is to train a new generation of modern and enlightened leaders focused on making a positive contribution to the development of the world and Yakutia, regardless of their place of residence and work in the future.
First 10 participants of the program were selected in 2019 from among the students of the best schools of Yakutsk. The list of kids and the news of the program can be found on the website

During the implementation of the program and a more detailed understanding of the work of top universities, Star Team changed the format of the program. This year the program will be as follows:
1. August-September 2021: recruiting more participants from among students of grades 9 and 10 of schools of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) (as of September 2021).
2. Winter 2021-2022: an intensive cycle of online master classes for admission to the leading universities of the world. Experts from various fields will give a talk to the participants and tell them about the key aspects of preparing for admission to educational institutions of this level. Students who have already completed the entire training cycle and successfully enrolled in them will also share their experiences.
3. Summer 2022: a competitive selection of seven finalists will be held from among the participants of the program. Seven people will also be selected from the current 10 participants of the Star Team. The 14 finalists will undergo short intensive bootcamp training.

After students’ preparation, experts will help them apply for admission to the top 50 universities, the list of which will be determined later (a preliminary list is available here). In case of successful enrollment in one of the universities, Sinet Spark will provide the finalists with grants for full tuition. The cost of tuition per student at universities of this level reaches up to 100 thousand dollars per year. Thus, to pay for the flow of about 15-20 students per year Sinet Spark created a grant fund of a very large size. In the future, the founder of Sinet Spark, Arsen Tomsky, intends to create a private endowment fund, the income of which will cover the training of talented children through the Star Team program for many years.
Star Team invites new participants to join the program. To participate in the program, it is necessary to fill out the following questionnaire by September 7, 2021, where it is necessary to specify:
• student's name;
* place of residence, (city, town, village), only the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia);
* name of the school, class;
* contact phone number and e-mail of parents;
* scan of school grades for 2019-2022;
* a scan of the official letter of recommendation from the principal or head teacher of the school on the letterhead of the school.
In addition to some general information, in the text of the letter it is necessary to indicate, if there are any, the student's achievements in studies and contests, his social activity, sporting performance and others.

The list of selected participants of the star team program will be approved by September 10. The services of invited experts and leading master classes are paid by Sinet Spark, master classes are free for schoolchildren and their families. The results of the selection will be sent by contact e-mail or via call. We are waiting for you in Star Team!